Detailed program

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Event Calendar

September 5 - EFI Annual Conference
September 6 - IUFRO Congress - Scientific Seminar day 1
September 7 - IUFRO Congress - Scientific Seminar day 2
September 8 - field trip

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Scientific Seminar Sessions

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Improving forest-science interface in support of rural development

    Thursday - Sept. 6th, 11.30 - 14.00, Cristal Aula
    Moderators: Frits Mohren, Stefan Zajaczkowski

Don Koo Lee »PDF
IUFRO Strategy 2006-2010: Global science cooperation for the benefit of forests and people

Konstantin von Teuffel, Frank Brodbeck, Frieder Hepperle »PDF
Rural development towards bio-based economy - the contribution of forest research

Ann Bartuska »PDF
Forests, Economic Development and Poverty in the U.S.

Anssi Niskanen »PDF
Forest-based entrepreneurship and rural development in Europe

Robert Jandl, Dieter Stohr »PDF
Forests and rural development in the light of global change - a perspective of mountain forests

Hans R. Heinimann »PDF
Forest operations engineering and management - the ways behind and ahead

Forests and Rural Development in the Light of Global Change

    Thursday - Sept. 6th, 15.15 - 17.15, Aula I, Building 34
    Moderators: Andrzej Bytnerowicz, Fergall Mulloy

Gerard Buttoud, Irina Kouplevatskaya »PDF
Rural forest use and management as seen in the international dialogue on forests: global policies versus local practices

Jacek Zajaczkowski, Kazimierz Zajaczkowski »PDF
Farmland afforestations: new goals and guidelines for Poland

Alexander Alekseev, Andrey Selikhovkin »PDF
Rural forested areas as an only background for regional carbon and environmental balance

Susan Edda Seehusen »PDF
Incentives for the production of environmental services as development strategy for the Brazilian Amazon forest

Natalia Khutorova »PDF
Economic and social effects of bioenergy

Small Scale Forestry

    Thursday - Sept. 6th, 15.15 - 17.15, Aula II, Building 34
    Moderators: Arne Bardalen, Stanislaw Miscicki

Janusz M. Sowa »PDF
The role of licensing of forest service enterprises in the vocational activation of the population in rural area

Lina Holmgren »PDF
Impact of gender on forest management in contemporary Swedish family forestry

Anastasia Stergiadou, Daniele Lubello, Raffaele Cavalli, Janez Krc »PDF
Estimating forest harvesting operations to achieve sustainable rural development in Valia Kyrna (Greece)

Leslaw Labudzki, Robert Kamieniarz, Grzegorz Gorecki, Jacek Skubis, Anna Wierzbicka »PDF
Hunting in Poland in the sustained development of rural areas

Economic Role of Forestry in Rural Development

    Friday - Sept. 7th, 8.30 - 10.30, Aula I, Building 34
    Moderators: Gerard Buttoud, Lech Plotkowski

Eva Holmgren »PDF
Forest Commons in Boreal Sweden – influences on forest condition, management and local economy

Nur Muhammed, Farhana Haque, Masao Koike »PDF
Role of participatory social forestry on enhancement of socio-economic condition of the grass root level people: a case study of Dhaka Forest Division in Bangladesh

Anna Barszcz, Alicja Suder »PDF
Diversity in the socio-economic role of the main non-wood forest products for the inhabitants of small villages and large towns in Poland

Anne Toppinen, Susanna Laaksonen-Craig »PDF
Profit persistence in forest industry companies - comparison of Europe to North America and the emerging countries

Forests and Rural Development: Experiences from Developing Countries

    Friday - Sept. 7th, 8.30 - 10.30, Aula II, Building 34
    Moderators: Michael Kleine, Maciej Skorupski

Jens Friis Lund »PDF
Democracy in the making: critical perspectives on recent studies on democratisation and local forest management in Tanzania

Morten Christensen, Santosh Rayamajhi »PDF
Balancing firewood and biodiversity concerns in rural Nepal

Irmeli Mustalahti, Iben Nathan »PDF
Constructing and sustaining participatory forest management: lessons from Mozambique, Tanzania, Laos and Vietnam

Georg Gratzer, Tashi Dorji, Lungten Norbu, Andras Darabant »PDF
Research for people - the CORET Project in Bhutan

Policies Supporting Rural Development

    Friday - Sept. 7th, 10.45 - 12.45, Aula I, Building 34
    Moderators: Robert Jandl, Krzysztof Janeczko

Michael Kleine »PDF
Training on science-policy interface: experiences from Asia and latin America

Anssi Niskanen »PDF
Futures research to support policy decisions for the forest sector viability

Lukas Giessen »PDF
Regional governance for improving rural development policies and the question of how forestry acts within integrated programmes?

Heidi Vanhanen, Ilpo Tikkanen, Anne Toppinen, Gerardo Mery »PDF
Making European forests work for people and nature - a WFSE, EFI, Metla & BFH policy brief

Forests and Forestry - Public Perception

    Friday - Sept. 7th, 10.45 - 12.45, Aula II, Building 34
    Moderators: Margarida Tome, Bogdan Brzeziecki

Pat Farrington »PDF
Landscape planning for Irish Forestry: An analysis of public perceptions of forest landscapes.

Wieslawa L. Nowacka »PDF
Women forest dwellers daily use of forests in Poland

Santosh Rayamajhi, Berit C. Kaae »PDF
Tourism impacts on the forests and livelihoods of a mountain community in Nepal

David Edwards »PDF
Capturing the social and cultural values of European forests: insights from ‘F4P’ and ‘EFORWOOD’

Future Research Agenda (discussion panel)

    Friday - Sept. 7th, 15.00 - 17.00, Cristal Aula
    Moderator: Peter Mayer

Ann Bartuska
US Forest Service R&D Deputy Chief

Niels Ellers Koch
IUFRO Vice-President for Science

Risto Paivinen
EFI Director

Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz
IUFRO Board Member

Risto Seppala
IUFRO Past President

Konstantin von Teuffel
IUFRO Coordinator "Management of Forest Research"

Forests and Forestry in the Context of Rural Development

Thursday - Sept. 6th, 17.30 - 18.30, Cristal Aula Hall
Moderator: Katarzyna Marciszewska

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