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The campus of Warsaw Agricultural University is located in Ursynów (southern district of Warsaw) and is surrounded by the following streets: Nowoursynowska, Ciszewskiego, Rosoła / Jana Rodowicza "Anody", and Dolina Służewiecka. A small map of the Campus is located below. You can download a high-resolution map in the PDF file by clicking on the picture or chosing the link at the bottom of the page.


  • 9 - Cristal Aula
  • 12 - Rector's Palace
  • 34 - faculty of Forestry building
  • 38 - "Limba" dormitory
  • 39 - "Ikar" hotel

Get Ursynów campus from the Warszawa Centralna railway station / Novotel and Metropol hotels

The most convenient way of getting to the Ursynów campus is to take a subway (metro) from the "Centrum" station. Take a walk (about 3 minutes) from the Warsaw Central railway station towards the Warsaw Śródmieście railway station (east direction). Entrances to the subway are located just behind the station. From hotels - just walk under the intersection following "Metro" signs .

Take the subway in the "Kabaty" direction. The fare is (as of January 2007) 2.40 PLN. If you decide to use the first of the descripted below routes - buy two single tickets or purchase a daily pass (7.20 PLN), because you have to switch to the bus. Get out of the subway at the "Służew" station (you are supposed to leave the platform going backward to the train direction), go upstairs, turn right twice and go upstairs again). Take the bus number 193 or 401 going to "Ursynów Płd." and go four stops to the "SGGW" bus stop at Nowoursynowska street. You are in the hearth of the campus. You have the Old Campus on your left and the New Campus on your right hand.

You can also go one stop further to the "Ursynów" station. You are supposed to go toward the front of the train, leave the station and take a 10-minute walk to the campus (via Bartoka street). You will come to the campus from the Rosoła street.

The detailed tarrifs, schedules/timetables and routes of buses are located at All information about the Warsaw metro/subway/underground are to be found at

Get Ursynów campus from Warsaw Frederic Chopin (Okęcie) airport

The described below route is not the shortest, but the least complicated one. Take the city bus number 175 or 188 departing from the Arrivals Hall every 8 (peak hours) - 15 minutes. In the late evening (~11PM) you can use the night bus number 611. All these buses will take you to the Warszawa Centralna railway station. Then you can take subway (metro) following the directions provided above.

The detailed tarrifs, schedules and routes of buses are located at

Get Ursynów campus by cab (taxi)

You can also take the cab. This is the recommended transportation option. It should cost you 6-10 euros to get to the campus or to the hotel by the cab belonging to the licenced corporation. Make sure that you take the licenced taxi. For example, the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport recommends the following corporations:

  • Merc Taxi, tel.: +48 (22) 677 77 77
  • MPT Radio Taxi, tel.: +48 (22) 9191
  • Sawa Taxi, tel.: +48 (22) 644 44 44

There is a stand of the above-mentioned corporations in the arrival hall - you can call your cab from there.

Disclaimer: Corporation and other names are used only for informative purposes. The authors of the document are not connected to these corporations in any way. The authors of the webpage are not responsible for any problems caused by using the provided information.

Other safe corporations are also available. Please don't use services offered by not-licenced taxi carriers in the airport terminal.

Additional information about the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Okęcie Airport can be found at the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport webpages

Get Ursynów campus by car

From west: the most difficult route through Warsaw to reach the campus. We'll add it soon. However, if you travel by Poznań-Warsaw highway through Stryków, you will probably use the southern entrance to Warsaw.

From east: after entering Warsaw from this direction you'll probably come up at Czecha and later on Płowiecka. Pass the overpass above the railroad and approach a big intersection with Marsa and Ostrobramska. Turn left into Ostrobramska. Turn again left on second lights into Fieldorfa going through a big residential district called Gocław. Keep goung straight untill the road finishes: turn left into Wał Miedzeszyński and after that - immediately turn right into the Siekierkowski bridge. Pass Vistula river and keep going straight. Pass a couple of considerable junctions and a few large intersections. When you see a church on the hill on your left - it's time to take left line and get prepared to turn left into Nowoursynowska. The street is pretty narrow and winding, but will take you directly to the campus.

From north: If you go from this direction, you probably go from Gdansk. If you are already in Warsaw, keep going along Vistula river on your left. Go through the tunnel next to the Old Town and keep going straight. After the tunel you will pass two considerable junctions. Pass Torwar (an ice-rink) and football stadium on your right. You are on Czerniakowska street. Pass the intersection with Chełmska (supermarket and a bus depot on your right) - you will see a big junction ahead. Turn right at this junction having Panorama Shopping Mall on your right. Go straight a couple of kilometers. When you see a church on the hill on your left - it's time to take left line and get prepared to turn left into Nowoursynowska. The street is pretty narrow and winding, but will take you directly to the campus.

From south: It doesn't matter if you come from Kraków, Katowice or Poznań (through the A2 highway ending in Stryjów) directions. In both cases you come up on the same road in Janki. Pass through Raszyn and enter Warsaw at Aleja Krakowska. Pass the airport on your right and then turn right at the second blocks just before the overpass at Hynka street. Hynka will change into Marynarska. Go straight until you see a big shopping mall Galeria Mokotów ahead. Turn right into Rzymowskiego and go towards Ursynów district. Go under the overpass to Piaseczno and Centrum. The first block after the overpass is the intersection with Ciszewskiego (you can go to the swimming pool this way). Turn right on second lights - into Nowoursynowska. The street is pretty narrow and winding, but will take you directly to the campus.

The detailed map of Warsaw is located at

The detailed map of the campus is available below.

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