Submitted by wlwarszawa on Fri, 2006-09-29 15:28.

If you have any any comments, suggestions and other issues regarding the IUFRO European Congress, please do not hesitate to contact:

Piotr Paschalis- Jakubowicz, Scientific Seminar Chair
E-mail: Piotr.Paschalis (at)
Tel.: (+48 22) 59-38120

Michał Zasada
, Faculty of Forestry Vice-Dean
E-mail: Michal.Zasada (at)
Tel.: (+48 22) 59-38089

Krzysztof Będkowski
, Organizing Committee Secretary
E-mail: krzysztofbedkowski (at)
Tel.: (+48 22) 59-38222

Jacek Zajączkowski
, Scientific Committee Secretary
E-mail: jacek_zajaczkowski (at)
Tel.: (+48 22) 59-38102

Warsaw Agricultural University,
Faculty of Forestry
Nowoursynowska 159, Building 34,
02-776 Warsaw, Poland


Any comments and requests on the EFI Annual Conference should be directed to:

Niina Jokinen, Conference Assistant, European Forest Institute
E-mail: niina.jokinen (at)
Tel. (+358 10) 773-4349